Top 10 Reasons A New Toyota Camry Might Be Perfect For Your Portland Lifestyle

Reasons to buy a new Toyota Camry in Portland

The Toyota Camry is a car that spans generations and never disappoints when a new model hits the market. Maybe you’re a long-time fan of the model looking to upgrade an old friend, or maybe you are just trying to find the right car. From first cars to family cars, the Toyota Camry has always had Portland covered.

Changes and updates to the 2018 model make for an exciting test drive. Innovative features in connectivity, infotainment, cargo space and so much more make this a well-rounded car. It’s the Toyota Camry you know- only better than ever. Add a huge focus on safety in the mix, and you’ve got a sedan that meets all your needs.

What makes 2018 Camry special?

Updates to the 2018 Camry are more than just updates- it’s more of a complete overhaul! Though the model is still familiar to those who have owned or driven an older model, its gotten an exterior facelift, a beefed up suspension, and a slightly longer wheelbase. Toyota Safety Sense now comes standard on most Camry models, and many styling options have been added with additional trims. You can really get the Camry you love- no compromise.

Why Buy Camry? Here are 10 Reasons Portland will Love All 2018 Toyota Camry has to Offer

1. Bring it on – Camry has cargo room for days

If you’re after great cargo room, 2018 Camry is your ride. You have the option to split your rear seating 60/40 to extend the already plentiful trunk. The current trunk is also wider than its predecessor. This means your new Toyota Camry is more ready to accommodate larger items than ever before.

2. Stay Safe with Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense now comes standard as a part of all Camry packages. PCS (Pre-Collision System) helps to detect items or vehicles you may hit before an accident occurs, and includes PD (pedestrian detection). Dynamic Radar Cruise control makes your Portland drive smoother and more stress free than ever, always keeping your vehicle a safe distance from cars up ahead at cruising speed. Toyota is coming in on top of other car makers when it comes to being generous with base model features! A feather in the cap for Camry.

3. Bang for Your Buck – Fantastic Fuel Efficiency

Portland is a city that cares about the environment, as well as saving money. Though 2018 Camry is a spacious car with plenty of power and capability, it doesn’t have poor fuel economy. In fact, it does quite well! Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile with your 8-speed automatic transmission and 3.5L V6 or 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. This Camry is giving back better fuel economy than ever, and the hybrid model is one to check out, as well, for an even more eco-friendly Portland commute.

4. Nice and Easy – Enjoy Your Drive

Camry keeps its simple with intuitive and driver-centered infotainment, pairing and navigation that isn’t too fussy. Many sedans on the market offer a driving system that is so complex that it can be a distraction. The new Toyota Camry offers Portland owners the modern creature comforts, but fewer features that can go wrong. Also, the drive is simply pleasurable with very few surprises or guesswork. It’s a car you can depend on.

5. Keep Your Cool  – Intelligent Climate Control is here

The temperature control system is minimalist and sophisticated. The cooling of the cabin happens extremely quickly and the knobs and buttons offer a clear path to the temperature driver and passenger desire, without fussy digital systems.

6. Camry Can Handle It- Improved Handling for You

The drive-feel of the new Toyota Camry is spunkier than ever, but while it’s sporty, it feels tighter and more secure than previous editions. The handling and steering feels more athletic and high-end than before. Updates to suspension give the drive-feel a mature edge and cut down on road noise and bumpiness.

7. No More Scrunching- Tall Drivers Rejoice!

Updates to Toyota Camry make it more accessible than ever for drivers over 6ft, or simply for people who prefer more spacious head and foot room. There’s also plenty of room width-wise in the car for individuals with broader shoulders, or who like their space when driving. This also allows full range of motion when big and tall drivers are making wider turns with the steering wheel. Get the room you need and want!

8. Comfort is Key

Sure, Camry is a great looking car to look at on the streets of Portland, but it’s also a great car to ride in. You’ll want to take lunch breaks behind the wheel with these high-quality seats with added lumbar support. The versatile seats allow comfort for all shapes and sizes.

9. Quality – Toyota Knows How Much It Matters

When you slip behind the wheel of a new Toyota Camry, you can’t help but notice that this model is equipped with a smattering of gorgeous high-end materials that make up the interior. The design is mature and minimal in a modern way, but everything is done with the utmost care for quality.

10. A Spunky New 8-Speed Automatic Transmission

The all-new 8 speed transmission puts some serious pep in the 2018 Toyota Camry’s step, making a traditionally grown-up car feel a little more fun. It’s shift-feel is smooth and understated, but it adds tremendously to the overall spunk of this model. This is one new feature of the 2018 Toyota Camry you’re sure to appreciate on your daily Portland commute.

If you can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one of these gorgeous 2018 Camry models, stop by Toyota of Portland today!

Keep Portland Weird. Keep Portland Green. Details of Toyota Prius- Then VS. Now

Fuel Economy of the Toyota Prius in Portland

Toyota Prius has been on the market since the turn of the century in 2000, being introduced in Japan a few years before. Since then, it’s lead a legacy of eco-friendliness, safety, and comfort that green-lovers, penny pinchers, and families alike have enjoyed. Portland is a city that loves our environment. It’s important to reflect on changes in the hybrid world and learn more. This article aims to shed light on the fuel economy of the all-new 2018 Prius model, as well as how it stacks up to the competition.

2018 Toyota Prius- What’s New and What Has Stayed The Same?

Fuel Economy of Toyota Prius in PortlandPrius fuel-economy ratings are essentially unchanged from the 2017 model, still garnering 54mpg in the city and 50mpg on the highway- no better and no worse. It’s notable that a hybrid such as Prius allows better fuel efficiency in the city for your everyday commuter who needs to run errands, get the kids to school, and spends time in stop and go traffic. The main selling point of Prius has always been the powertrain, giving fuel economy that makes it a true marvel. However, achieving the EPA’s fuel economy numbers in your everyday life means driving with slower accelerations and decelerations. At times when driving your hybrid differently than a regular car aren’t possible, the economy may vary. Still, with ever model Prius becomes more sophisticated and well-rounded across the board, keeping that incredible fuel efficiency in check.

New Toyota Prius EPA Rating Confirms Outstanding Fuel Economy for Portland Drivers

The EPA’s rating evaluation of all Prius models (1.8 L, four-cylinder, two electric-motor-power train) proves that it will earn estimated 54mpg city and 50mpg at highway speeds. Prius Two Echo excludes the spare tire to reduce a bit of weight and even has a solar-reflecting windshield that reduces the need to cool the cabin, thus reducing electrical pull. Also, it’s tires are inflated at a higher PSI than the other Prius models. Prius Two Echo brings home 58mpg city and 53mpg at highway speeds.

Toyota Prius Prime in Portland Fuel EconomyDrivers who have been on the hybrid train for a long time already know that these cars are going to work for you the most at city speeds and lower speeds in general. Though Prius still delivers 46mpg on the highway, this model is more geared toward inner-city Portlanders, not highway commuters. Other Toyota models offer great fuel economy at highway speeds, as well. Still, if you’re eco-conscious you cannot go wrong with the latest Prius, which looks and drives better than ever.

There has never been a car more synonymous than the Prius when you think of a hybrid. You picture, feel, and hear Prius. It has been leading the charge for nearly 20 years in the United States, and even though the economy has changed little in the last two years, what’s under the hood, as well as inside the cabin continues to become more driver-friendly and sophisticated.

New Toyota Prius Under The Hood- And in The Cabin

Under the hood, Prius packs it’s punch of efficiency in a standard 1.8-L 4-cylinder 16-valve engine. It’s driving modes include EV, POWER, and ECO, which help you to customize your Portland driving. This engine gets you from place to place- especially in the city- with quiet ease that has a long legacy of being easy on your wallet, too.

Prius ranks in US New’s top compact cars, noting it’s impressive improvements to cargo space and techy features. Though many new hybrids have made it on the scene, Prius remains a standard. With 27.4 cubic feet of cargo room, storage room, high-tech display for music and pairing, SofTex-trimmed seats and steering and so much more, this is the fuel economy you’ve always loved, but it feels better than ever. Why change what’s great? Toyota aims to keep it simple, but to make Prius the best experience possible for 2018 drivers.

Fuel Efficiency of Toyota Prius in Portland

Learn More About the New Toyota Prius at Toyota of Portland

Whether you’re looking at your first Prius or upgrading an old friend. We aim to keep Portland eco-friendly with our knowledgeable Toyota team. We will answer all of your Prius questions, and be glad to take you for a test drive!